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“Tone Up, Boost Your Confidence & Watch The Weight Drop Off With A Smile”

THE PHILOSOPHY: Dance increases self confidence, charm and youthful vitality. When dance is combined with yoga, it makes for a marriage made in heaven, for each one will enhance the others’ most effective strengths and will work to enhance these strengths in your everyday life.

Apart from the obvious physical perfection it will yield, it will also dramatically increase ones coordination, balance, stamina and mental wellbeing. It will teach you the art of improvisation and quickness of wit. Either way, the class is centred around Yang yoga and will be fast, powerful and vigorous. Not for the faint hearted, but for those who wish to burn off obscene amount of fat in ridiculous amount of time.

Benefits Of ACB Dance Yoga

  • Physical Perfection
  • Youthful Energy, Stamina & Drive
  • Considerably Increases Metabolism
  • Effective Fast Weight Loss
  • Effective Stress & Tension Release
  • Increases Self Confidence & Self Appreciation
  • The Most Effective Practise Of Endorphins Release
  • Teaches You Coordination Between Movement & Breath
  • Learn New Dance Moves
  • Increases Creativity & Focused Mental Activity
  • Empowers Your Psyche By Increasing Your

Please Note: All Our Classes Are A Premium Personal Service For Small Group Only

AwakeConBal Dance Yoga Per 60 Min. Class = £19

One2One Dance Yoga Session With Teacher’s Teacher ZKRK For 90 Minutes @£150

Ten 60 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Dance Yoga @ £17 Per Class = £170