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“Give Your Child The Gift Of Calm, Focus & Emotional Intelligence”

Studies in America has shown children who practise yoga, are noticeably calmer with a more focused attitude that exhibit increased creativity, emotional intelligence and mental sharpness in their every day activities and situations.
A Child that practices the minimum hours of AwakeConBal Child Yoga will far exceed their peers in most areas of mental, physical and emotional development, allowing them a firm grasp on life challenges that is both balanced and disciplined.

Please note that availability is limited, check our calendar and book your space to guarantee your place in our classes. The classes are for parent and toddler and they are 45 mins in length.

AwakeConBal Parent Child Yoga Per 45 Min. Class = £25

Ten 45 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Parent Child yoga @ £18 Per Class = £180