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AwakeConBal: Awakened Child & Parent Playgroup

Awakened Child & Parent

The children are our future; they are the continuation of our evolved consciousness! Each parent, no matter how preoccupied with life in general, no matter how hard they work to become the backbone of security, nurturing support and financially provide to the future of the family and the education of their children, should relate and be aware of the following:

  1. In order to allow a healthy, balanced and independently confident development of the child’s physical, mental and emotional awareness, each parent must dedicate at least a few hours a week to work on nurturing those developments as parent and child through fun educational activities.
  2. Although for most of us sending the child to school is a beautiful and rewarding experience, no matter how capable and wonderful a teacher might be, a teacher is unable to give 100% constant attention, nurture and care to every child’s need within her class. Therefore those few hours a week attending an awakened playgroup allows the parent to connect to the child to assess their child’s awareness, development and growth in different areas. This time serves to identify the weak and strong areas of development that may require their nurturing attention.
  3. Building lasting and solid bonds of communication, understanding and trust between child & parent is the focus and aim of the Awakened Playgroups. How can a child be expected to develop and grow to communicate and trust the parents, if the parents were too busy to spend those precious few hours a week to build that bond of trust and correct communication? It is too late once the child has grown and developed with the idea that his/her parents are too busy to listen, understand and support his/her needs,even if the parents were busy to be the financial providers that would secure their future,. To a child, material support has no value and no base, for nothing can equate the love and support of a “PRESENT” parent.
  4. For parents who are home schooling their children, our playgroups are designed specifically for parents who wish to be part of their child’s daily education. At AwakeConBal, we aim to create an environment for a child to mix with other children in order for their social consciousness needs to be met, to increase their social confidence and balance within social surroundings – but at the same time the parent is PRESENT to watch and guide their child’s education, growth and development in their social environment.
  5. The playgroups will focus on learning and developing focus and growth through creativity, arts, music, adventure play and yoga. The child will blossom through learning creatively about social and scientific information –with the aim of surpassing the current curriculum level at local pre-schools.

Intrigued to find out more? Please book an Awakened parent meeting with Lauren: to meet us to talk more about the 3 hour playgroups that will be starting in Jan 2016.

Please note:  AwakeConBal is a bespoke yoga studio based in Chelsea, for small groups only, the Awakened Parent & Child playgroups will be held from 2-5pm from Monday to Friday.  These are private playgroups only @ £60 per session.

Management reserves the right to refuse parent and child entry based on social attitude and norms of child & parent.  These groups are for like-minded parents, specifically aimed for the convenience of parents who are home schooling, who pay great attention to child’s diet, education, environment and creative focused growth and increased intelligence.

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