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Am I An Awakened Parent?

To be an awakened parent is to be a type of parent who is constantly updating and keeping themselves informed about their role as a parent,  how can one improve on their role?  How can one understand it better or execute it better?

Apart from the first thought that pops to mind being more inline with, “Whose got the time to think, yet alone read to remind yourself why it is better not to think in the first place!”
Followed by, “Because my role as a parent right now is a breeze, so I think if we add awakened to my full plate, it will definitely make me scream less!!”
I guess in an idealistic society the role of parenting can always be questioned, in order for the role to constantly evolve with it the evolution of race and humanity.  However, most of us do not live in an ideal society, so perhaps to build a community of parents who can share their time, experience and knowledge to awaken each other might create an ideal environment for us to easily fulfil our role for us and our children.

I decided to walk this path of experience as an awakened parent before  I even decide to become a paren, due to the fact that I always saw that role as the only role I needed to get right.  I realised from an early age that parenting is an enormous responsibility that requires immense knowledge and experience of the world at large.  As such researching the role and understanding what it would entail to be the best parent possible allowed for me to awaken myself to that role, my duty as a guide to a new soul and my obligation as a provider, nurturer and protector of that new soul.

It all sounds fabulous darling, such idealism sound fabulous on paper, but what if we start questioning our experience and knowledge as parents, what would that make us, bad parents because we were not awakened?  And how can any parent with the daily demands of life add further to that load to include research and changing ones lifestyle to live a more ‘Awakened’ life!

Amazingly to be an awakened parent nowadays would mean you have to afford it, not so much with finance but with time and patience, two things our modern society robs from us.  Also how can anyone know what makes a good parent, there is no manual that would outline the attributes of a good parent, the task before you that even when one experience it firsthand is practically impossible to fathom.

That is why the best course of action is to arm yourself with experience of life, which age and wisdom would play a great part in achieving and prepare yourself with as much knowledge as possible starting from child psychology, social behaviour and environmental influence on an impressionable child and how it would impact its character, food and eating habits and the health consequence of fast and processed food, the effects of exposure to polluted information and how it would effect the psyche of your child, the effects of advertising and subliminal messages that control and affect the behaviour of your child on a subconscious level.  Then go back to environment again and always remember that after a certain age your child will be 70% of its waking time in an environment that you cannot see, cannot control and do not know what dangers your child might be exposed to subtly or directly.  After all no matter how great and expensive a school might be a teacher only has one pair of eyes over at least two dozen children.

But you might wonder what danger can a child be exposed to when they are in class at a good school.

My personal opinion based on my life experience, I found that the danger might be more in the exposure to other children whose parents have exposed them to polluted information and circumstances that had damaged them and as such they would bring that damage and expose your children to it.

To be a parent today is not like being a parent one hundred years ago, for life was simpler then, it was easy going, people looked out for one another, there was social integrity, honour and morals –technology was at its infancy –but today with the world in your back pocket through internet, your child can be exposed to information and dangers you might never even had imagined existed, yet alone now existing in your child’s psyche!

It is infinitely harder to be a good parent today then back then, it is damn near impossible to be an awakened parent and trying to find like minded parents that could help you create the safe environment for all your children to grow together.  Nonetheless it is still part of our role and duty as parents to gather knowledge and become aware of all the possible dangers that our children might be exposed to directly and indirectly, so we may know how to protect them and nurture them into adulthood, at which time they will take over their own lives to lead.  It is only then and at that point you can relax for the hard part of your role is now done, and done well.

There is extensive information out there in all areas of knowledge as mentioned above, but one must sift through and analyse a variety of information, not only is knowledge power, but knowledge will also aid parents to learn how to understand and communicate with their children by learning how to respond to their child’s growth through any given process.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle will attempt to research and blog many different areas of child development and parenting techniques, while building a community of like minded parents to pool a combined network of experience and knowledge to provide the service we all can refer to.  The blog will highlight the latest information circulating to improve our roles and implement healthier family lifestyle routines that best match our needs and existing lifestyle.

If you are interested to become part of our awakened parent workshop to meet more like-minded parents, please apply below.  (Classes Will Be Held In Central London)

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