Unlimited One2One

“Practise Movement Meditation Through Gentle Hatha Yoga; Relax & Release Stress
While Increasing Physical Awareness & Flexibility”

THE PHILOSOPHY: Designed to awaken the physical kosha (layer of the multidimensional self) and connecting the physical with the breath (emotional body/layer) to the mental kosha.

By ensuring the minimum hours of practice (3 hours weekly) the participants will implement the required attention to work on the three first koshas/layers, by firstly awakening and recognising their state of being, creating a bridge of mutual communication between all three and lastly balancing their influence, effect and control over ones entire being internally and externally.

The effects of AwakeConBal Yoga will start to show within the first two months of practise and will slowly begin to help the practitioner reshape mental awareness, state of being and social behaviour in general, allowing for a balanced contented lifestyle that offsets a stressful high pressured career.

Benefits Of ACB Yang Yoga

  • Practise With A Teacher’s Teacher & Lifestyle Coach Zsena Kali Raio Kay (Limited Time Only)
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Work Out Core Muscles
  • Learn Correct Breathing
  • Learn Movement Meditation
  • Learn To Connect To Wisdom Body
  • Learn To Balance Mind, Emotions & Body
  • Release Tension & Stress
  • 100% Relaxation
  • Learn To Love Self & Body
  • Reshape Mental & Emotional Awareness
  • Learn To Self Heal
  • Excellent For Beginners & High Pressured Career People & People With Physical Problems.

Please Note: All Our Classes Are A Premium Personal Service For Small Group Only

AwakeConBal Hatha Yin Yoga Per 60 Min. Class = £16

One2One Yin Yoga Session With Teacher’s Teacher ZKRK For 90 Minutes @£120

Ten 60 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Hatha Yin @ £14 Per Class = 140