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“Learn To Dance To The Tune Of Your Life Through The Marriage Of Yoga & Tai Chi -Reaping 10x The
Benefits Of Your Favourite Yoga Class -Watch Video Below & Be Inspired”

THE PHILOSOPHY: Designed as a very unique combination of both applications that would allow our participants to experience both individual practises as one and benefit from a deeper connection and spiritual awareness through applying the principles of both in unison together.
AwakeConBal Tai Chi Yoga is specifically designed for participants to gain a deeper practise and understanding of yogic breathing and its proper application as highlighted by the Tai Chi flow that induces the participants to enter a meditative movement sequence. The mind wholly engaged in focused breathing and slow manipulation of ones Chi energy introducing the participant’s senses to internal calmness and balance controlled by the manipulation of the Chi through movement and breath.

An absolutely recommended experience for those who like to challenge themselves and try something outside the box that promises rewarding results into self discovery and improvement.

The classes have been a raging success and we are in the process of expanding to include more classes, therefore please check and book if there are any availability and do email us a request to join a future class so we may add your name to our waiting list.

The Spirit Of Tai Chi:

“Inside, you feel like a pot of boiling water that is bubbling up from deep within, like a cat getting ready to pounce on a mouse… while on the outside you remain perfectly calm and serene”

Benefits Of ACB Tai Chi Yoga

  • Practise Will Be Held With Two Teachers
  • Limited Time Only Practitioners Will Benefit From Chinese Trained Shaolin Master (As Seen In Video Below) & Yoga Teacher’s Teacher & Lifestyle Coach ZKRK
  • Tai Chi Yoga Is The Perfect Marriage Of Both Practises, Both Completing & Complimenting Each Other To Optimise The Practise & Results
  • Learn How To Use Your Intention “Yi” To Let Go Of Physical Imbalances & Energetic Blockages (Tension/Stress)
  • Regular Practise Of Tai Chi Yoga Will Increase Awareness & The Art Of Letting Go Will Yield Immediate & Great Improvement In General Health, Wellbeing & Mental Attitude
  • Learn To Control & Improve Your “Qi” (Vital Energy) That Will Eliminate Most If Not All General Sickness/Illnesses
  • Learn The Art Of Deeper & Deeper Relaxation With Each Class
  • Posture Correction By The Teacher Will Allow The Practitioner To Know Where The Blocked Energy Is Centred (Tension Accumulation)
  • The Correction Will Reestablish The Natural Energy Circulation That Will Allow For Self Healing
  • Deep “CONSCIOUS” Relaxation Of Mind, Emotion & Body
  • Tai Chi Is A Martial Art Form That Will Also Teach Self Respect, Self Worth, Self Control & Self Discipline
  • Tai Chi Movement Flow Is Performed In Circules & Spirals: Thus Healing Joint & Back Pains Effectively & Maintaining The Youthful Pliability Of Muscles, While Assuring Optimal Circulation Of “Qi” & Blood To All Tissues Especially Tendons & Ligaments Where It Is Needed Most
  • Greatly Improves & Cultivates Overall Balance & Minimizes The Effects Of Stress On Mind, Emotions & Body
  • Improves & Reshapes Mental Outlook & Life Path, Increasing Self Confidence, Daily Proficiency & Output
  • Increases Tenacity & Courage To Face & Confront Difficult Situations & Daily Life Challenges, Whether Mental, Emotional Or Physical
  • Promotes & Increases Emotional Intelligence & Balance, While Increasing A Positive Attitude Towards All Daily Activities.

Please Note:  All Our Classes Are A Premium Personal Service For Small Group Only

AwakeConBal Tai Chi Yoga Per 60 Min. Class = £20

One2One Tai Chi Yoga Session With Master Imz For 90 Minutes @£150

Ten 60 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Tai Chi Yoga @ £18 Per Class = £180