Services for the Mind, Heart & Soul

Learn more about our services and how they are specially designed by humans for humans. 
To escape, reconnect and grow.

Eco Organic Spa Treatments

Relax, release all worries and rejuvenate in our spa. Enter a welcoming space to transport your senses and delight thyself.


A retreat in the full sense of the word. Transcend the boundaries of the material and awake better connected with that which surrounds.

Vegan No Ammonia Salon Services

Try our authentic products, crafted responsibly, eco-friendly and ammonia free. Give yourself an extra special touch.


To learn is to grow, to constantly improve. Kindle an eternal fire and enter the path to full realization and understanding.

Ayurvedic Kitchen

Balance your energies, strengthen your mind and improve your health with a diet specially tailored for your body’s needs.

Teacher Training

One of the most noble acts there is, is to help a fellow human realize their potential and show them a new door of possibilities.

Our Packages

Carefully designed to maximize the output effects of its included activities.
A well thought trail of progression and relaxation at a great price.

Moments Frozen in Time

A picture is worth a thousand words; An happy guest is an eternal fountain of gratitude


Special moments in the journey of life, jewels in the necklace of time.

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Internal Spirit & soul cleansing

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